What is a Pre-Purchase Inspection

So, What is a Pre-Purchase Inspection, Pre-Vehicle Inspection or a Pre-Car Purchase Inspection?

In General a pre-purchase inspection is to gather information on the vehicle’s condition. The person who carries out this task is usually a mobile mechanic,  just like the mechanics at AutostartUK. The mobile mechanic will usually inspects the vehicle at its sale location. Depending what type of inspection or what pre-vehicle inspection package you have chosen, a short road test is sometimes included.  All Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections are carried out with the permission of the seller. You (the person who is buying the car may also be present during the inspection.

AutostartUK cover most areas during the inspection. Again depending on what package you opt for, this can include:

  • structural integrity
  • safety features
  • electrics
  • powertrain
  • suspension
  • fuel system
  • emissions
  • steering
  • comfort system (heat/air)
  • security
  • exhaust
  • interior
  • wheels and rims
  • the general state maintenance.

Hidden damage from crashes, water damage, or bad care are also looked out for .

Important for later vehicles is an inspection of the computer system, including, recently cleared computer codes.

Part 2 coming soon.